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Friday, March 18, 2016

The Real Odds of Falling Into Poverty Are Probably Higher Than You Think

The Real Odds of Falling Into Poverty Are Probably Higher Than You Think | Alternet
Hirschl and Rank found that more than half of America’s population will experience poverty at some point during the prime of their working years. Unsurprisingly, race and marital status greatly determine one’s poverty probability. Entering the same age bracket (30-34) and education level ("beyond high school"), a white American has a 17% percent probability, while a non-white American's risk is double that.
In terms of marriage, a similar disparity emerges. For both white and non-white unmarried Americans in their mid-30s, the risk is sunstantially higher than for those who are married. By logical extension, the most at-risk citizens are unmarried non-white Americans with a high school or less education, who are on average 10 times more likely to fall into poverty than their married, white and educated counterparts.
Altogether, the authors' research revealed one uniting factor: Americans of all demographics are not fully aware of the actual risk they face of falling into poverty.

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