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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Painkillers now kill more Americans than any illegal drug

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US Addiction Epidemic Fuelled By Pharma Corporations - YouTube
Pill Overkill - Are Big-Pharma killing Americans through prescription-painkiller addiction?
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Painkiller abuse has reached epidemic levels in the US. Opioids now cause more deaths than any other drug, raising the question: are doctors and pharmaceutical companies acting in their patients' best interests?
Opioids were responsible for more than 16,000 deaths in 2010 and are now the most lethal drugs in America. For many, what starts as a prescription for legitimate illnesses quickly becomes an addiction to drugs marketed as "non-addictive" by big pharmaceutical companies. "I knew people that were just going to doctors, multiple doctors, and getting crazy amounts of pills", says former addict Danny Haley. Like many others, he became hooked on the legal drugs containing oxycodone, which make these painkillers very similar to heroin. When the authorities cracked down on easy prescriptions, heroin addiction quickly took its place. From 2010 to 2012, Heroin related deaths increased 84% in New York City. Staten Island in New York was one of the first areas of modern America suburbia. Now it has one of the worst prescription drug problems in the US. Getting hold of heroin here is not only cheaper than sourcing opiate-based painkillers, it's just as quick and easy as ordering a pizza. A pattern of people with no history of drug abuse killed by their addictions has prompted outrage and lingering questions on the role of some doctors and pharmaceutical companies' role in the epidemic.
Making A Killing: The Untold Story Of Psychotropic Drugging (Documentary) - YouTube
This is a Documentary and will provide the facts about psychotropic drugs and the huge profits they create for the pharmaceutical industry. These drugs are not safe and have not been on the market long enough to provide sufficient long term studies regarding their effects. These drugs do cause addiction, however most "doctors" would call this dependence because you do not have to take an increasing dose over time. They are completely fine with you being addicted to the same amount of any given drug on a daily basis. Over half of the people that commit suicide in the United States are prescribed to psychotropic drugs. (Ex: Paxil (Paroxetine), Zoloft (Sertraline), Prozac, Wellbutrin (Bupropion), Effexor, Seroquil, Ultram (Tramadol), etc.)
Big Pharma Big Money : Documentary on the Money and Corruption of Big Pharmaceutical Companies - YouTube
Big Pharma Big Money : Documentary on the Money and Corruption of Big Pharmaceutical Companies.

You are really going to enjoy this documentary. It's very interesting and fun to watch. It's part of a series of exciting and informative documentaries. This Youtube channel is for learning and educational purposes. Learning and Education are fundamental and important in today's society and becoming increasingly more accessible and convenient online. The availability of important information which is also entertaining helps everyone grow mentally and emotionally as people both individually and as a whole. Documentaries are the resource of choice of the information and internet generations of students around the world. The documentary here along with the other documentaries on this channel relate to important times and people in history, historic places, archaeology, society, world culture, science, conspiracy theories, and education.
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