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Friday, February 5, 2016

The Gods at War! Genetic weapons: Zika, MMR, Ebola

Viruses as weapons of mass destruction and the fight for optimum health
If someone wanted to design and target a gene specific to a particular population, it can be done, said Dr. Shabazz. “With gene therapy one of the most common ways or the easiest way to introduce genetic weapons is through viruses, they’re called viral vectors and that’s the way that foreign DNA can be used to go into your body and cause your cells to multiply and express this foreign DNA so that can give you any number of characteristics that are intended for whatever purposes,” said the Philadelphia-based physician affectionately known as “Doc from the top of the Clock.”
Bacteria, viruses and fungi should be looked at as foreign invaders but following the guidelines and principles laid out in Books 1 and 2 of How to Eat to Live by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad which includes eating one meal a day and fasting at least three days out of every month is what Dr. Akili Graham Muhammad prescribes to his patients as a guide to returning to optimum health. The Nation of Islam patriarch lays out guidance on curing diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure and other ailments that affect Black people in both books.
“We have to understand that if Allah blessed us with life, he also put on this earth what it is to take care of us and (these books) will give you the type of immune system where you have no worries,” said Dr. Muhammad who is based in Houston.
The most important thing for us to do, added Dr. Shabazz, is to follow How to Eat to Live and follow the Restrictive Laws of Islam which is a list of instructions and guidance given to Registered Members of the Nation of Islam by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Those set of laws is also a part of our health plan, she explained. In her practice some of the female patients who suffer infertility is the result of Chlamydia, a sexually-transmitted disease, which can cause scaring in the fallopian tubes and obesity which causes hormonal disruption.


A Timeline Of The Zika Virus: Slow Steps, Then A Major Spread In The Americas : Goats and Soda : NPR
This map and subsequent maps reflect data available from the CDC as of February 5. Due to space constraints, not all countries are labeled.
The Zika virus has gone from an obscure disease to an international public health emergency.
Researchers have been able to trace the gradual spread of Zika — slowly for decades and then, in the words of World Health Organization head Dr. Margaret Chan, "explosively" since 2015, when it was first detected in Brazil. Now the virus has reached more than 20 countries and territories in the Americas. In Brazil, there have been 500,000-plus cases. Thousands of babies have been born in Zika-affected regions with the birth defect microcephaly (although a causal relationship has not yet been scientifically established).

Ebola victim in US’s family: why did white patients live while black patient died? - Telegraph
The Dallas hospital that treated the Ebola patient who died this week tried to fend off accusations that it initially turned him away because he was a poor African immigrant without insurance.
"Our care team provided Mr. Duncan with the same high level of attention and care that would be given any patient, regardless of nationality or ability to pay for care," Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital said in a statement.
Duncan first sought help at the hospital on Sept. 25 and was sent home several hours later with antibiotics rather than being observed further, even though he told a nurse he had recently returned from West Africa, where an Ebola outbreak has killed nearly 4,000 people.
Justifiable Homicide: Black youth in peril, 'An Executive Decision' -Part 2 Continued
In a national security memo dated April 24, 1974 titled, “Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for the United States Security and Overseas Interest,” Henry Kissinger, the Secretary of State under Richard Nixon, indicated: “Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the Third World.” Depopulation—to depopulate something means: “To ravage, to ruin, to reduce the population of, especially by violence, disease, etc.” Mr. Kissinger continued, “The United States economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries”—this means they are going to destroy the population of mainly Third World countries.
CDC Says Ebola Vaccine Only Works on White People
The Center of Disease Control, which is headquartered in Atlanta, has released a statement saying the trial vaccine for the deadly Ebola virus will only work on those with white skin.
In an excerpt from the statement, the government agency stated, “Early tests of an experimental drug, which would effectively combat the spread of Ebola, have proved successful only in those with white skin — We are working diligently to improve the sample to be able to help all those who are in need.”
The vaccine, which was developed by ThomasSmithCharles in conjunction with the BIP, has began a trial phase. The vaccine uses a strain of a West Nile monkey cold virus called ape multivirus type 5 to deliver benign genetic material of the West African strain of Ebola. The genetic material given to the patient is not able to replicate and poses virtually no health risk. The sample instead strengthens the immune system to fight off the virus. If successful, ape multivirus type 5 could stop the spread of Ebola.
According to the CDC, the trial was doled out 200 people, but only proved effective to those with white skin. Some scientists believe high levels of melanin may somehow be affecting the sample.
Fraud at the CDC Uncovered? :
The idea that vaccines lead to autism is not a new conspiracy theory, nor is it a particularly uncommon one. A now heavily discredited study published in the medical
journal Lancet in 1998 planted a seed of fear about vaccine safety; and despite efforts to counteract the widespread concern among worried parents, public health officials continue to encounter growing public resistance to vaccination. And the CNN iReport in question was based on a video which featured William Thompson, a senior researcher at the CDC, seemly "confessing" to anti-vaccinationist Brian Hooker about a coverup at the CDC and included material such as a claim by Dr. Andrew Wakefield (who in 1998 published a fraudulent research paper claiming a link between MMR vaccine and the appearance of autism and has since been barred from practicing medicine in the UK) asserting that the results of a study proving a link between autism and MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccinations had been "hidden" by the CDC:
Whistleblower Says CDC Knew in 2003 of Higher Autism Rate Among African-American Boys Receiving MMR Shot Earlier Than 36 Months - AGE OF AUTISM
A top research scientist working for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) played a key role in helping Dr. Brian Hooker of the Focus Autism Foundation uncover data manipulation by the CDC that obscured a higher incidence of autism in African-American boys. The whistleblower came to the attention of Hooker, a PhD in biochemical engineering, after he had made a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for original data on the DeStefano et al MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) and autism study.
Dr. Hooker's study, published August 8 in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Translational Neurodegenerationshows that African-American boys receiving their first MMR vaccine before 36 months of age are 3.4 times more likely to develop autism vs. after 36 months.
According to Dr. Hooker, the CDC whistleblower informant -- who wishes to remain anonymous -- guided him to evidence that a statistically significant relationship between the age the MMR vaccine was first given and autism incidence in African-American boys was hidden by CDC researchers. After data were gathered on 2,583 children living in Atlanta, Georgia who were born between 1986 and 1993, CDC researchers excluded children that did not have a valid State of Georgia birth certificate -- reducing the sample size being studied by 41%. Hooker explains that by introducing this arbitrary criteria into the analysis, the cohort size was sharply reduced, eliminating the statistical power of the findings and negating the strong MMR-autism link in African American boys.
Genes And Race Are Not The Same Thing : Shots - Health News : NPR
Genetics researchers often discover certain snips and pieces of the human genome that are important for health and development, such as the genetic mutations that cause cystic fibrosis or sickle cell anemia. And scientists noticed that genetic variants are more common in some races, which makes it seem like race is important in genetics research.
But some researchers say that we've taken the concept too far. To find out what that means, we've talked to two of the authors of an article published Thursday in the journal Science. Sarah Tishkoff is a human population geneticist and a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Dorothy Roberts is a legal scholar, sociologist and a professor at the University of Pennsylvania's Africana Studies department. This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Ethnic bioweapon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An ethnic bioweapon (biogenetic weapon) aims to harm only or primarily persons of specific ethnicities or genotypes.
Genetic Bullets - Ethnically Specific Bioweapons
One of the most interesting findings of the Human Genome Project was just how closely related all humans are and just what a myth the concept of race really is. The differences between individual humans are, in fact, much greater than the differences between groups of humans.
Many of those early findings were contained in a 1000 page tome published by Princeton University Press entitled The History and Geography of Human Genes. Stanford researchers, for example, came to the conclusion that the DNA of Europeans was composed approximately of 65% Asian types and 35% African types, making the so-called white race a hybrid of two older types of human DNA.
Israel is Developing 'Ethnic Bomb' for Growing Biological Weapons Arsenal
Israel is working on an "ethnically targeted" biological weapon that would kill or harm Arabs but not Jews, according to Israeli military and western intelligence sources cited in a front-page report in the London Sunday Times, November 15, 1998 ("Israel Planning 'Ethnic' Bomb as Saddam Caves In," by Uzi Mahnaimi and Marie Colvin).
Top Expert: Zika Virus A Bioweapon » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
International law professor Francis A. Boyle, who drafted the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, revealed the Zika virus was souped up as a bioweapon by world governments and non-government organizations during a Jan. 29 interview on the Alex Jones Show.

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