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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Elijah Muhammad & Min. Farrakhan vindicated: What all blue-eyed people have in common - An ancestor born around 6,000yrs ago

What all blue-eyed people have in common - Tech Insider

The HereAfter Report: BLUE: Ancient people didn't perceive the colour because they didn't have a word for it, say scientists
The blue and black (or gold and white) dress that sweeped the internet last week revealed just how differently two people can see the world.
But it's not just about lighting conditions or optical illusions - evidence is
mounting that until we have a way to describe something, we may not see its there.
Ancient languages, for instance, didn't have a word for blue and scientists believe as a result our ancestors didn't notice the colour even existed.
The HereAfter Report: The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad Proven right again: Blue eyes result of ancient genetic 'mutation'
Frank Sinatra, Stephen Hawking, Marie Curie and Stephen Fry all owe their blue eyes to a genetic mutation that likely occurred between 6,000 and 10,000 years ago, researchers say.
Scientists believe they have tracked down the cause of the eye colour of all blue-eyed humans on the planet today.
The HereAfter Report: More proof Elijah Muhammad is right: Genomes document ancient mass migration to Europe 4,500 years ago.
DNA analysis has revealed evidence for a massive migration into the heartland of Europe 4,500 years ago.

The Truth and Reality of the origins of the Blue eyed White man

Allah Is Judging Today
Today is the day in which the God of Justice (Allah) is judging between man and man and nation and nation. To understand the present, we must learn of the past.
We are 4,000 years from Moses and Moses was 2,000 years after the creation of the Caucasian race, or 2,000 years after the fathers of the Caucasian, or White race of Europe.
This makes 6,000 years from the time of the birth or grafting of the Caucasian race.
In 4,000 years of the White man's rule they have practiced and exercised their power and authority over us as was divinely given to them.
The trouble is going on between the so-called Negroes and the American White people, who have always shown themselves to be the enemies and haters of their slaves, the so-called Negroes. This thing must come to an end.
The Day of America's Downfall
Since White Americans and the White race in general have deceived the entire world of Black people and their brethren (brown, red and yellow), Allah now is causing these people to wake up and see the White race as it really is, the created enemy of the darker people. As we see today, there is a general awakening of the darker people into the knowledge of self and the knowledge of their age-old (6,000 years) enemies all over the earth. The American White race cannot sincerely give the so-called Negroes (their slaves) a square deal. She only desires to deceive them.
Truths to set you free
A scientist grafted and made the White man an enemy to us. From the rebellious spirit of their creator, they have deceived, murdered and ruled the righteous, who are of the original Black Nation of the earth. This has been made very clear. Being born and nursed by the enemy of righteousness, you have fallen in love with them.
The history of the life of your fathers reveals an evil, murderous condition that they had to undergo. The treatment you are receiving now and have received should bear enough witness to the truth. Your love for this unalike people and their wealth which they have robbed you of and the majority of your people now makes you want to be one of them and desire to intermarry with such people, while history has recorded them as burning your actual living flesh at the stake out of the law of justice.
Separation and White fear of genetic annihilation
The Minister briefly discussed the origins of the White race. Characterized as a “genetic mutation” which resulted in lack of melanin in hair, eyes and skin color, this condition  manifested 6,000 plus years ago, according to scientists. In fact, many geneticists have published findings corresponding to the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Scientists are still unable to account for what they called a “dramatic genetic convulsion,” however it is no mystery to those who have studied Mr. Muhammad’s teachings on the making of the White race which can be found in his book “Message to the Blackman in America.”

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