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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Health is Wealth: The Importance of proper breathing

How to Breathe Properly - A (Surprisingly Important) Complete Guide - Selfication Selfication
Did you know that your regular breathing pattern is very likely screwing up your body and its functions in tons of different ways? Without knowing it you might be messing up your sleep, mood, digestion, heart, nervous system, muscles, brain and even the development of your teeth and face structure. Yayks.
On the flip side are all the benefits to be gained from learning a few simple principles for proper breathing.
These would be more energy, improved health, greater harmony, less anxiety, less fear, better relationships and just a happier life in general.
Sounds pretty good right?
[Note: Make sure to read all the way through for a special Proper Breathing Cheat Sheet that will make the changes outlined in this article easy to implement into your own life.]

Conscious Breathing

So, what is correct breathing anyway?  In short, it means breathing in a way that is physiologically optimal for your body. It’s the way you’re designed to breathe, only you were never taught how to.
Most of us breathe in a way that leaves a lot of room for improvement. Some examples would be over-breathing, holding our breath and/or shallow breathing.
These breathing patterns are very stressful for the body and lead to a shortage of oxygen and energy.
The solution to these issues is to become highly conscious of the way you breathe and reshape your habitual way of breathing.
So, why is this important?

The Consequences of Sucking at Breathing

Bad breathing habits can give rise to a lot of unexpected negative effects on our health and well-being.
The Importance of proper breathing
The effects of inhalation and exhalation extend far beyond the physical exchange of air in and out of the body...they extend to the workings of the heart and lungs as well as to subtle molecular processes through which the body’s energy production is maintained.
All life forms are composed of tiny living units called cells, each requiring a continuous source of energy. Our body’s tissues and organs are composed of these cells and they must function properly in order to keep us alive. The nutrients supplied by the food we eat act as a fuel but it must be converted into a form that these individual cells can use or we would die.
How you can breathe your way to good health | Daily Mail Online
Why is breathing properly important?
Breathing correctly means that our bodies are being supplied with the right amount of oxygen, replenishing our brain and other vital organs with essential nutrients.
If you are not breathing correctly, your body can be robbed of oxygen, leading to a host of conditions.
Your skin can suffer as it is not receiving enough fresh oxygenated blood, your muscles can tire easily during a workout as they are not getting the right amount of oxygen and you can feel constantly tired and lethargic because there are not enough vital nutrients being carried in the blood.
Breathing incorrectly can also affect the levels of carbon dioxide - or CO2 - in the blood. While oxygen is important for our bodies to function properly, CO2 is just as vital.
Fiona Agombar, a yoga teacher and author, explains, 'You need a balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide. If you breathe too fast, you breathe off too much carbon dioxide, which, in turn, will make your whole system too alkaline.
'A certain level of CO2 is necessary for your cells to maintain the correct level of acidity and to function properly.'

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