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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Doomsday Clock: 3 Minutes to Midnight

World Still 3 Minutes Away From Destruction, Doomsday Clock Says | TIME
The Doomsday Clock remains at three minutes to midnight, the closest to the brink of global destruction since the height of the Cold War, representatives of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists announced Tuesday. Constructed in 1947 as an indicator of an oncoming nuclear catastrophe, the Doomsday Clock now factors in climate change and other threats to humanity as well in its projections of global safety. The clock, which counts down to an apocalypse at midnight, has moved some 21 times since it was put in place. Last year, the clock was moved forward to just three minutes to midnight, largely because of climate change and what was seen as unchecked nuclear proliferation. Scientists from the Bulletin cited many of the same reasons this year, but noted that there were bright spots such as the Iran deal and the climate talks in Paris.
Doomsday Clock Set at 3 Minutes to Midnight
The world is "3 minutes" from doomsday. That's the grim outlook from board members of The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. Frustrated with a lack of international action to address climate change and shrink nuclear arsenals, they decided today (Jan. 22) to push the minute hand of their iconic "Doomsday Clock" to 11:57 p.m. It's the first time the clock hands have moved in three years; since 2012, the clock had been fixed at 5 minutes to symbolic doom, midnight. [End of the World? Top Doomsday Fears]
The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists doesn't use the clock to make any real doomsday predictions. Rather, the clock is a visual metaphor to warn the public about how close the world is to a potentially civilization-ending catastrophe. Each year, the magazine's board analyzes threats to humanity's survival to decide where the Doomsday Clock's hands should be set.
Doomsday Clock stays at three minutes to midnight -
The Doomsday Clock stands unchanged at three minutes to midnight.
The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, which oversees the clock -- a metaphor of how close humanity is to destroying the planet -- left the hands in place from last year, which is the closest it has been to midnight since the Cold War days of 1984.

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