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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Devastating Drought & Hunger gripping swathes of Africa, Western So-called Humanitarian Aid Slow

Africas must now take responsibility for the welfare of their own people.  There will be little to no aid coming in an expeditious manner to save the starving African children, regardless of the need.

Southern Africa gripped by one of the worst droughts in decades - YouTube
Finding ways to limit the effects of the drought currently affecting parts of southern Africa is top priority. That's the word from International Relations Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane. She says regional talks are under way to set up infrastructure that will counter the drought.​

Africa Is Going Through Serious Drought And El Niño Is Making it Worse | ThinkProgress
El Niño may be reaching its peak but in southern Africa it’s still triggering hunger and loss.
An estimated 14 million people face food shortages in more than ten countries, the United Nations World Food Program announced this week. The outlook for the coming months, according to the WFP, is “alarming” since El Niño has exacerbated a crippling drought interrupting the rainy season used for planting much needed crops.
The drought is unlikely to improve any time soon, experts reached said, because in southern Africa El Niño events are associated with dry weather. “And this year’s El Niño is among the three strongest events in the past 100 years,” said Bradfield Lyon, a climate analyst and associate research professor at the University of Maine.
Drought and hunger in Africa in Pictures |
Southern Africa's drought leaves millions hungry - Al Jazeera English
About 14 million people in Southern Africa are facing hunger because of last year's poor harvest, caused by the El Nino weather pattern, the World Food Programme says.
In a statement released on Monday, the WFP, which is the UN's food-assistance branch, gave warning that the number of people without enough food is likely to rise further in 2016, as the drought worsens throughout the region.
"Worst affected in the region by last year’s poor rains are Malawi (2.8 million people facing hunger), Madagascar (nearly 1.9 million people) and Zimbabwe (1.5 million) where last year's harvest was reduced by half compared with the previous year because of massive crop failure," the WFP statement said.
Save the Children Faces Funding Gap for Ethiopian Drought Crisis
Save the Children charity said Friday it had raised less than a third of what it needed for its campaign to help Ethiopia cope with drought which has left 10.2 million people critically short of food.
Experts say the drought is worse than the one in 1984, when years of conflict followed by the failure of rains led to a famine that killed up to a million people.
This time, Ethiopia is better positioned to respond after rapid economic growth, but still risks being overwhelmed as it digs into strategic food reserves.
"The scale of the need is really huge and has outstripped the Ethiopian government's ability to do this on their own," Save the Children President Carolyn Miles told Reuters from the United States after a visit to Ethiopia.
Nightly News: Food crisis in Ethiopia (Video)
Aug. 5: Hunger is once again threatening vast swathes of Africa because of drought and high food prices. The United Nations has estimated that 14 million are at risk and at the heart of the looming catastrophe is Ethiopia, where over 10 million are in need of emergency food aid.  ITN's Martin Geissler reports.

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