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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Project Blue Beam: Redd Foxx, Andy Kaufman Holograms to Tour

Andy Kaufman, Redd Foxx Holograms to Tour | Rolling Stone
Like Hologram USA's in-the-works Whitney Houston virtual concerts in 2016, each star's hologram show will feature biographical elements in addition to the performed material. In the case of Foxx, the comedian's interaction with Malcolm X will be shown. Michael Kaufman, Andy's brother and a representative of the late comedian's estate, called the hologram performances "the right platform for the new generation of audiences to experience Andy" over three decades after his "alleged" death.
The hologram performances would also be hosted on David's FilmOn video site. As David told the New York Times, there's no shortage of potential hologram concerts and standup routines based on beloved celebrities. "There are an awful lot of dead celebrities," he said. "There are an awful lot of dead people with a lot of followers. The fresher the memory, the bigger the star." Hologram USA's first touring hologram will be Billie Holiday later this year.
Comedians Andy Kaufman and Redd Foxx will return as holograms
Holographic (really, "Pepper's Ghost") versions of dead musicians have proven successful, so why not comedians from days gone by? Hologram USA doesn't think that's a bad idea, at least. The tech firm has revealed that it's producing visual resurrections of legendary comedians Andy Kaufman and Redd Foxx that will go on tour in 2016. Hologram USA says the estates of both celebs are collaborating to make this an "authentic experience," although it's not clear exactly what that means.
The experiment with comedians could prove challenging. Whether or not you believe it's respectful to revive any entertainer as a hologram, comedy has challenges that aren't present in music. After all, many good comedians react to their audiences -- a hologram might not. Will virtual Kaufman know when to break the uncomfortable silence? Will Foxx know when to push your buttons? These recreations may still be welcome blasts from the past, but something tells us that a prerecorded comedy routine won't be as convincing as a concert.
Andy Kaufman and Redd Foxx to Tour, Years After Death, as Holograms - The New York Times
As comedians, Redd Foxx and Andy Kaufman could hardly be more different. Foxx, the pioneering nightclub performer and star of “Sanford and Son,” who died in 1991, was candid, socially conscious and unapologetically obscene. Kaufman, the standup, sometime wrestler and “Taxi” co-star who died in 1984, was experimental, obtuse, playful and perplexing.
But now these two comics will be united in a most unlikely way: Both are being turned into holograms to perform and tour again.
On Friday, Hologram USA, a technology company that specializes in these visual recreations of celebrities, announced that it would use the likenesses of Kaufman and Foxx and parts of their previously recorded routines to create hologram shows that will be presented across the country next year.
“They’re comedy icons,” said Alki David, the founder and chief executive of Hologram USA. “Both of them influenced so many comedians after them.”

Project Blue Beam: Yes, the Gov’t Researched Projecting Holograms of God as a Mass Psyop | Truthstream Media
“Seeing” and “hearing” haven’t been equal to “believing” for a long time.
Some people have claimed that Project Blue Beam — a government conspiracy to attempt to instill a New World Order by making the masses believe in a technologically simulated second coming of Christ — was completely made up and has no real basis in reality.
Considering how screwed up what we just typed is, we actually wish those people were right.
Unfortunately, they’re wrong.
We came across a Washington Post article written in 1999 entitled, “When Seeing and Hearing Isn’t Believing”, all about psychological operations, or psyops. When they started talking about projecting holograms of Allah over Iraq, they weren’t joking around.
What if the U.S. projected a holographic image of Allah floating over Baghdad urging the Iraqi people and Army to rise up against Saddam, a senior Air Force officer asked in 1990?
According to a military physicist given the task of looking into the hologram idea, the feasibility had been established of projecting large, three-dimensional objects that appeared to float in the air.
They came to the conclusion it would require too much hardware (a one-mile square mirror in space, for one) and too much power to be feasible in during Operation Desert Storm. (Also, it’s diabolical and evil.)
So, case closed? Nope.
Project Blue Beam | NEW WORLD ORDER PLAN
Wikipedia says:

Project Blue Beam is a conspiracy theory that claims that NASA is attempting to implement a New Age religion with the Antichrist at its head and start a New World Order, via a technologically-simulated Second Coming.
You have the choice to believe it or not. If it is just fiction or plain and pure reality or just the truth, we will show you here.
Project Blue Beam is divided into 4 steps:

The first step in the NASA Blue Beam Project concerns the breakdown of all archaeological knowledge. We will see more and more HOAX discoveries, where these new discoveries will finally explain to all people the error of all fundamental religious doctrines. The falsification of this information will be used to make all nations believe that their religious doctrines have been misunderstood for centuries and misinterpreted. Psychological preparations for that first step have already been implemented with such things as the 2001 A Space Odyssey film, the Star Trek TV series, X Files, Falling Skies, and movies such as Independence Day, District 9, 2012 the Movie, Skyline and many others.

project blue beam 3d hologrammeSecond step is about creating a gigantic Space Light Show with 3D Holograms and sounds, laser projections of multiple holographic images.
You think Holograms are science fiction? Well Prince Charles of England will prove it:

They can even create 3D Holograms like this

Just google 3D Hologram on YouTube.

Step 3 is telepathic electronic two-way communication with

Extra Low Frequency (ELF)

Very Low Frequency (VLF)

Low Frequency (LF) waves which are able to reach everyone on earth.
Using HAARP wave technlogy [ELF HAARP waves can be directly projected into the brain, causing the brain to receive messages, words, and instructions.]
The US Military says about HAARP:

– HAARP can provide a way to wipe out communications over an extremely large area, while keeping the military’s own communications systems working

So plainly it can be used for Brain Control. More about HAARP and brain control here

Electronic universal “supernatural” manifestation designed to deceive will create the following illusion:

Make mankind believe an alien invasion is imminent.
How are they going to project the images on the Sky? Well if this is your question, then you have to get back to step 2 and research on 3D Holograms and HOW THEY WORK. Here’s a quick an simple explanation: To project 3D Holograms you need a solid surface you can project them on. And to create such a big surface in the sky you need clouds. Did you ever heard of Chemtrails? Now everything makes sense, doesn’t it? Mysterious clouds appearing in the Sky out of nowhere and without any explanation of the government? Well… this is a little suspicious. When you want to go really deep into the topic you can watch a documentation about chemtrails here


After the IRS Comes to Collect, An Angry Redd Foxx Starts Playing to An Empty House :
As a codgerly croupier in Eddie Murphy's Harlem Nights, foul-mouthed comic Redd Foxx merrily flouts the law and—in true Hollywood fashion—never gets caught. But in real life, it seems, the law has had the last laugh. Fed up with Foxx's failure to pay $755,166.21 in back taxes, IRS agents raided his three-bedroom Las Vegas home, carting off cars and furniture and nearly everything else they could cram into their trucks. "They took my necklace and the ID bracelet off my wrist and the money out of my pocket," says Foxx, 67. "I was treated like I wasn't human."

Looking forlorn amid the rejected junk scattered across his floor, Foxx, the star of the '70s hit Sanford and Son, cannot muster any of the defiant energy that once made him one of TV's highest-paid actors. "I've done nothing to deserve this," he moans, claiming that he has been paying off his tax debt with the $15,000 to $20,000 he earns each week performing at the Hacienda Hotel at the end of the Vegas Strip. Foxx speculates that the agency is after his reported $500,000 Harlem Nights fee. "They're mad about the money I made on the movie," he says.

The IRS won't comment, except to say, "This is how we gather taxes," but it isn't the first time that Foxx has come to grief over his finances. Although he once earned $4 million in a single year, he depleted his fortune with a lavish life-style, exacerbated by what he calls "very bad management." His fiscal woes included a $300,000 divorce settlement to his third wife in 1981. The next year he had to ante up $25,000 for a hotel employee who charged that he had screamed obscenities at her. Finally, in 1983, he began bankruptcy proceedings, which are still unresolved.
IRS Accuses Redd Foxx of Failing to Pay Taxes, Seizes His Vegas Home - latimes
Actor-comedian Redd Foxx's home and seven of his vehicles were seized Tuesday by the Internal Revenue Service for alleged failure to pay income taxes from 1983 to 1986, authorities said.
The IRS filed liens on Foxx's property totaling $755,166.21. But authorities contend that the entertainer owes considerably more because of penalties and accumulated interest on the four years of unpaid taxes.

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