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Monday, December 7, 2015

ISIS (Daesh) oil revenue disruption landing it in financial straits do to airstrikes carried out by Russia (and the so-called US-led coalition)

Russia and Anonymous doing more to take down ISIS than the American government.  Why is that?  Is it because ISIS is fulfilling the 'Project for a new American Century' agenda of conquering the Middle East and removing the religion of Islam, to control the natural resources, mainly oil?

PressTV-Daesh running into financial problems: Report
The Daesh Takfiri terrorists are running into financial problems as airstrikes disrupt one of its main income sources -- illegal oil sales, says a conflict monitoring group.
According to a report released by the IHS Conflict Monitor on Monday, airstrikes carried out by Russia and the so-called US-led coalition have “significantly degraded the group’s refining capacity and ability to transport oil via tanker convoys.”
“According to information gathered from Arabic-language social media, and our in-country source network, efforts to target Daesh’s sources of revenue are paying off,” the report said.
Russia began launching airstrikes, requested by the Syrian government, on Takfiri targets in Syria in late September. The US-led coalition began targeting purported militant positions in Iraq and Syria in 2014.  


#OpParis: Anonymous takes down 5,500 ISIS Twitter accounts — RT News
Hacktivist group Anonymous has reported that more than 5,500 Twitter accounts belonging to Islamic State have been taken down. It comes after the collective declared a “total war” on the militant group following the Paris attacks.
Tweeting from its #OpParis account, Anonymous stated: “We report that more than 5500 Twitter account (sic) of #ISIS are now #down! #OpParis #Anonymous #ExpectUS.”
'Operation Isis': Anonymous activists begin leaking suspected extremist Twitter account information | News | Lifestyle | The Independent
Anonymous has begun leaking the personal information of suspected extremists, after it "declared war" on Isis in the wake of the deadly attacks in Paris. The activist collective is assembling lists of the Twitter accounts and websites of extremists, in an attempt to have them taken down. At least one post seen by The Independent contains details including the physical address of a person it claims is an Isis recruiter in Europe. Activists claim to have successfully had accounts and sites taken down already. Accounts associated with the group claimed that it was responsible for the removal of more than 5,500 accounts.
Cory Booker: ISIS Is Winning the Internet War With "Fancy Memes"
During today’s Homeland Security meeting on “Jihad 2.0,” The Intercept reports Sen. Booker became frustrated by how much more advanced the ISIS online media wing is compared to Western efforts:

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