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Saturday, November 21, 2015

'No Child Left Behind’ left behind by new education law

Congress Set To Approve New Education Law, Revise ‘No Child Left Behind’
The 2002 revision includes specific guidelines, which are meant to improve educational opportunities for “English-language learners, students in special education, and poor and minority children.”
States are not obligated, by law, to implement the NCLB guidelines. However, federal funding provided by Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act is dependent on compliance with the NCLB Act.
The guidelines, which have become a point of heated controversy, include mandatory math and reading exams for all students in third through eighth grade. Students are also required to take one math and one reading exam prior to high school graduation.
To remain compliant, each school is obligated to sort the testing results into subcategories and report the outcome to the state each year.
Each state is tasked with setting annual achievement goals, and each school is tasked with reporting their progress toward those goals. Schools which are non-compliant, or fail to meet their state’s achievement goals, could face serious consequences.
Congress finally close to vote on new education law - Yahoo News
The compromise legislation, approved Thursday by House and Senate negotiators, would sharply reduce the federal role in education policy but still require students to be tested in reading and math in grades three to eight, and once in high school.
The conference committee action paves the way for a vote in the House during the first week of December, and days later in the Senate.
The bill would let states decide whether or how to use student test performance to assess teachers and students, ending federal efforts to tie the scores to teacher evaluations, something teachers' unions have railed against. At the same time, it would embrace state-driven protections to ensure that all students, no matter their race or background, have access to a quality education.
Under the bill, the Education Department may not mandate or give states incentives to adopt or maintain any particular set of standards, such as the college and career-ready curriculum guidelines known as Common Core.


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