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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Debt Slaves: 7 Out Of 10 Americans Believe That Debt ‘Is A Necessity In Their Lives’

Could you live without debt?  Most Americans say that they cannot.  According to a brand new Pew survey,
approximately 7 out of every 10 Americans believe that “debt is a
necessity in their lives”, and approximately 8 out of every 10 Americans
actually have debt right now.  Most of us like to think that “someday”
we will get out of the hole and quit being debt slaves, but very few of
us ever actually accomplish this.  That is because the entire system is
designed to trap us in debt before we even get out into the “real world”
and keep us in debt until we die.  Sadly, most Americans don’t even
realize what is being done to them.

In America today, debt is considered to be just part of normal life. 
We go into debt to go to college, we go into debt to buy a vehicle, we
go into debt to buy a home, and we are constantly using our credit cards
to buy the things that we think we need.

As a result, this generation of Americans is absolutely swimming in debt.  The following are some of the findings of the Pew survey that I mentioned above…

*”8 in 10 Americans have debt, with mortgages the most common liability.”

*”Although younger generations of Americans are the most likely to
have debt (89 percent of Gen Xers and 86 percent of millennials do),
older generations are increasingly carrying debt into retirement.”

*”7 in 10 Americans said debt is a necessity in their lives, even though they prefer not to have it.” Read more....


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