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Monday, July 6, 2015

Why World Bank projects have displaced 3.4 million Africans? (video)

Forget Greece, Africa has been suffering from Western "Loans" for centuries.  What have these loans produced, nothing but pain, suffering, starvation, despotism, no-colonialism, and genocide.

All of the above can be linked to loans form the IMF and World Bank, two Western/White global institutions that front as creditors but are vultures in disguise, designed to support, maintain and perpetuate white hegemony.

If anything, the West/White people owe Africa and African people whether they are in North America, South America or the Islands.

Greece is an example of many to come to the West that God is not mocked, as thou has done, so shall it be done, unto you (West).

This image sums up what 'Finacial Aid' to Africa from the
 White institutions of the IMF & World Bank look like: Genocide
Around the globe, forest dwellers, poor villagers and other vulnerable populations claim the World Bank has left a trail of misery and destruction with its projects, pushing millions from their homes or off their lands. In some cases, governments supported by World Bank money have arrested, beaten and even killed people.

The World Bank has failed to live up to its own policies for protecting people harmed by projects it finances. It has financed governments and companies accused of human rights violations such as rape, murder and torture. The World Bank neglects to properly review projects ahead of time to make sure communities are protected, and has no idea what happens to people after they are removed.

Why World Bank projects have displaced 3... by presstv


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