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Friday, July 10, 2015

IBM’s new computer chips will obliterate everything else on the market

What’s the fastest computer chip you can think of? Now, forget about it, because IBM announced it has created the fastest computer chips ever made. The firm’s new chips are four times faster than today’s top-of-the-line silicon, and they’re also significantly more efficient.
IBM is investing $3 billion in a private-public partnership with GlobalFoundries to make the new 7nm chips in New York’s Hudson Valley, The New York Times reports.
The announcement is rather a surprise, especially since it’s not coming from Intel or chipmakers that are currently working on some of the best and most efficient mobile chips ever made. Reports from Korea indicate that Samsung and TSMC are scrambling to be the first company to stabilize 10nm chip production to win a boatload of iPhone chip orders from Apple in following years.
Obviously, 7nm chips would be even faster than today’s 14nm processors and next year’s 10nm CPUs.

Comparatively, a strand of DNA measures 2.5nm while a red blood cell has a 7,500nm diameter.  - Yahoo News


IBM Discloses Working Version of a Much Higher-Capacity Chip - The New York Times

The announcement, made on behalf of an international consortium led by IBM, the giant computer company, is part of an effort to manufacture the most advanced computer chips in New York’s Hudson Valley, where IBM is investing $3 billion in a private-public partnership with New York State, GlobalFoundries, Samsung and equipment vendors.


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