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Thursday, June 11, 2015

African Woman Bears Child From Ovarian Tissue Frozen When She Was 13

Cancer sufferer gives birth using ovary tissue frozen when she was a CHILD | Daily Mail Online

A young woman has become the first in the world to give birth to a healthy child after doctors restored her fertility by transplanting ovarian tissue - frozen when she was a child.

Scientists have hailed the birth as 'groundbreaking', adding it will have implications for millions of young cancer patients.

There have been cases of successful pregnancies after ovarian transplantation using tissue removed from patients when they were adults.

But, this case marks the first where the tissue was removed before puberty.

Experts said though successful, questions still remain over the ability of such immature ovarian tissue to develop to produce mature eggs.

In a first, woman delivers baby after transplant of her frozen childhood ovarian tissue - The Washington Post
Doctors in Belgium tried to restore the fertility of a woman using ovarian tissue removed from her when she was just 13.

It worked: The 27-year-old woman delivered a healthy baby boy late last year. The Belgian doctors who reported the case Tuesday in the journal Human Reproduction write that it is the first live delivery of a baby conceived after a transplant of childhood ovarian tissue.
Woman Bears Child From Ovarian Tissue Frozen When She Was 13 - ABC News
A 27-year-old Belgian woman, who was left infertile after chemotherapy, was able to give birth to a healthy baby boy thanks to a groundbreaking procedure that utilized her ovarian tissue frozen 14 years ago.

At age 13, the unidentified woman had portions of her ovaries frozen in the hopes that they would one day allow her to conceive a biological child. While the procedure has worked in women who have already started menstruating, it had yet to be proven to work in children, so she is the first.

The patient's case was explained in a recent article in the journal Human Reproduction. The woman had arrived in Belgium from Congo at age 11 with severe sickle cell anemia. In order to help the girl, doctors advised a stem cell transplant from her sibling.

ABC US News | World News


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