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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Ethiopian Falash Jews Denied Entry Into Racist Zionist Israel

They Speak Hebrew And Keep Kosher: The Left-Behind Ethiopian Jews

Disqualified Under A Stricter Law

Jewish worshippers gather at a makeshift synagogue established by the Jewish Agency for Israel for Ethiopian Jews in Gondar, Ethiopia, in 2012.For Jews around the world, having one Christian ancestor would not disqualify them from becoming an Israeli citizen. Israel's founding Law of Return decrees that a person can immigrate to Israel if he or she has one Jewish grandparent, on either side. Gezi has that.

But Gezi and his family are a special case, because they're descended from a group of Ethiopians whose Jewish ancestors converted to Christianity under pressure in the 19th century. They're called the Falash Mura. They secretly practiced Judaism but were not allowed to emigrate with the other Ethiopian Jews until a hard-won political compromise a decade ago.

Even then, Israel didn't approve them under the standard Law of Return but under a stricter religious law that says to be Jewish you need to prove an "unbroken" maternal Jewish line. It is under this stricter law that Gezi's Christian great-grandmother disqualifies him.  : Parallels : NPR


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