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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Iran Nuclear Talks: A Middle East Holocaust

A Middle East Holocaust

What We Know About The Iran Nuclear Deal Framework
Iran and six world powers on Thursday announced they have agreed to a framework for a deal to restrict Iran's controversial nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief.
Diplomats from Iran and the P5+1 -- members of the U.N. Security Council and Germany -- will return to the negotiating table to hammer out specifics of the final, comprehensive agreement by the June 30 deadline.
The U.S. and Iran were at odds about how much to disclose of the preliminary agreement, The Associated Press reported. The U.S. government is under pressure to present details in order to fend off congressional critics, who want to impose more sanctions on Iran. Tehran preferred a vague statement.
Below are some of the main details of the agreement listed in a document released by the U.S. government. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif criticized the U.S. for releasing the document on Thursday, characterizing it as "spin."
The world's nuclear club - Al Jazeera English

The world's nuclear club: While 14 nations host nuclear weapons, 30 countries generate atomic energy.

» A Middle East Holocaust Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
I have been around for a long time and have experienced more than most. The current situation in my experience is the most dangerous time of all for humanity.
Nuclear weapons are no longer restrained by the Cold War MAD doctrine. Washington has released them into pre-emptive first strike form.
The targets of these pre-emptive strikes–Russia and China–know it, because Washington proudly proclaims its immorality in public documents describing its war doctrine.
The result is to maximize the chance of nuclear war. If you were Russia and China, and you knew that Washington had a war doctrine that permits a surprise nuclear attack, would you sit there waiting while Washington cranks up its anti-Russian and anti-Chinese propaganda machine, demonizing both countries as a threat to “freedom and democracy”?
The fools in Washington are playing with nuclear fire. Noam Chomsky points out that in a less dangerous time than currently exists, we came very close to nuclear war.
End of Israeli ‘Nuclear Ambiguity’ Good For Peace by Grant Smith --
An Israeli-conceived, U.S.-enforced farce masquerading as "grand strategy" is finally dead. For years the Israeli government refused to confirm or deny its nuclear weapons program. The February release of the Israeli section of the Defense Department-commissioned report "Critical Technology Assessment in Israel and Nation Nations" (PDF) killed off the policy
while setting off an Internet conflagration last week (the most vicious unfolding over Twitter). At one side of the political spectrum, the document’s release was evidence of "a shocking breach" by the Obama administration and betrayal of Israel by
some media outlets for even reporting it. At the other it revealed a "highly successful partnership of American and military science" despite zero evidence the U.S. intended such "Atoms for Peace" gifts as Israel’s Soreq nuclear reactor to be used for anything but peaceful purposes.
More Approve Than Disapprove of Iran Talks, But Most Think Iranians Are ‘Not Serious’ | Pew Research Center for the People and the Press
More Approve Than Disapprove of Iran Talks, But Most Think Iranians Are ‘Not Serious’

Survey Report

Views of US Iran Nuclear NegotiationsAhead of a March 31 deadline for nuclear talks with Iran, more Americans approve (49%) than disapprove (40%) of the United States negotiating directly with Iran over its nuclear program. But the public remains skeptical of whether Iranian leaders are serious about addressing international concerns over their nuclear enrichment program.
If a nuclear agreement is reached, most Americans (62%) want Congress to have final authority over the deal. Just 29% say President Obama should have final authority over any nuclear agreement with Iran.

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