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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Not 1 Black actor nominated for an #OscarsSoWhite? Means Hollywood couldn't find one playing a drug dealer/prostitute

Breaking Down The Whitest Oscar Nominees Since 1995

https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B7Z5gEsIUAAzV3s.jpgThe Oscar nominations have only been out for about two hours and, already, the outrage is piling up. Inspiring the loudest outcries of disapproval are the remarkably homogeneous acting nominees. Not a single acting nod went to a performer of color. One more time: The 2015 Academy Awards did not recognize a single actor of color. No female directors or screenwriters or cinematographers, either.

This would be a problem even in a year in which the pickings were slim. An all-white acting slate does little to address the Academy’s increasing irrelevance among moviegoers. Ignoring the work of women and people of color is bad for business. But it is particularly appalling this year, when there are obvious contenders of color for all major categories — people not just in good movies, but in great movies, and in Oscar-bait-y movies at that — and not one was recognized.  | ThinkProgress




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