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Sunday, January 11, 2015

How Organic 'Micro-Farms' Are Changing Our Food Supply: Is this causing panic for biotech and Big Ag?

Bigger isn’t always better, and the techniques of Big Ag have taken the romance out of farming for many who grow our food. Not to say that farming isn’t fraught with its own challenges – strange weather, insect infestations, and a considerable learning curve – but at the Organic Farm School a new generation is bringing organic, small-scale farming back to life in ways it hasn’t been allowed to thrive for perhaps a century.
This and other non-profits and activist groups are teaching people how, even from urban areas, to hoe a row, plant seeds at the most optimum time, and how to fix a broken-down tractor. As our elders pass this information to younger generations, we are ensuring that our food sovereignty continues. Indeed, small-scale, diversified farming is seeing a resurgence it hasn’t experienced for a long time, with often surprising participants.

Even an NFL player has turned down a $37 million-dollar-contract to happily dirty his hands in farming Natural Society

The 7 Best Compost Bins for Organic Gardening in 2015 | Natural Society
If you’ve been yearning to start composting – this is the year to do it! Composting mimics nature’s recycling plan, only it does so on super-warp speed when done right. A compost pile starts out as a diverse pile of “waste.” The easiest compost systems are simply left alone to decompose into rich, sweet-smelling garden amendment, while others require a little elbow grease.
Two important ingredients to any composting system are aeration and moisture. Sometimes heat can make sure that you get a composted soil that is rich with beneficial fungi, beneficial bacteria, and earthworms, as well as the enzymes and acids these life-forms release as they multiply. These soil nutrients can turn a half-dead garden plot into a Garden of Eden bursting with bumper crops.


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