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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Not even Motherhood sacred in Babylon: American mothers are under attack in the hospital, the workplace and the home

An industry that fails women

The problem starts with the astronomical cost of maternity care in the U.S. As reported last year by The
New York Times, an in-hospital birth can cost as much as $45,000 without insurance. Mothers don’t, however, get their money’s worth. Despite spending more than $98 billion annually on birth, the U.S. has relatively high maternal mortality rates, ranking 50th worldwide.

Interventionism is a primary culprit. In the U.S., 53 percent of women giving birth receive Pitocin, a medication that augments their contractions, and more than 63 percent receive an epidural for pain relief. The C-section rate is the second highest in the world, about 34 percent.More interventions lead to more complications and higher rates of maternal and neonatal mortality. This drives up the average cost of a birth, which can deter low-income women, particularly women of color, from seeking the necessary prenatal treatment for a healthy pregnancy.

Prenatal and childbirth costs can be prohibitively steep even with insurance. “I was kicked out of my regular GYN’s care because I could not pay for prenatal care up front — even with insurance. I was refused care and went to the pregnancy clinic instead,” said Jennifer Cumby, a writer from Virginia. “I had just had a miscarriage. I was very vulnerable and scared. I cried for about a week.”

Highly medicated and controlled hospital births have become such a successful business venture for insurance companies and medical institutions — with 98.6 percent of U.S. births occurring in a hospital — that other childbirth options widely encouraged in European countries for healthy pregnancies are discouraged. This has led to a generation of OB-GYNs who have rarely witnessed unmedicated, natural vaginal deliveries. Most women who have avoided interventions in a hospital setting have had to fight very hard for that right.  | Al Jazeera America


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