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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Racist Western Media: The Women Darren Vann Killed Weren't Good Enough to Be Victims

Over and again, we hear report after report of women found assaulted, raped, and/or brutally murdered, painted as ne’er-do-wells and labeled with incendiary terms like “drug addict,” “prostitute,” and, as in the case of Tjhisha Ball and Angelia Mangum, “exotic dancers,” with media outlets choosing to use mug shots (like the Tampa Bay Times did) even when other photos were easily found online. In the case of Daniel Holtzclaw, the accused Oklahoma City rapist cop, news media and blogs have spent more time talking about his reported victims being sex workers and  drug users, or needlessly sharing absolutely horrific details of reported attacks than covering his recent bond violation or how two more women have come forward alleging he attacked them, with one of them claiming to have been assaulted by him in a hospital room. No sooner than we learn that a brutal crime against one of these women has taken place does the smear campaign against the victims begin. (Example: what Heavy.Com has done to Anith Jones, a victim of Vann, making sure to relay that she had been charged with assault before adding the charge was not thought to be related to her disappearance.)  - EBONY



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