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Friday, August 1, 2014

Soft Power: Obama’s US-Africa Leaders Summit Aims to Strengthen Ties

Black people who look to defend President Barack Obama against other black people who claim he hasn’t done anything particularly “black” as president have had plenty of ammunition this week and will have more the next. The first black president, the son of an African immigrant, is also the first to convene a U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, officially starting next week. But the Obama machine has already sounded the representative cues, with the president telling Africans to stop making excuses and blaming colonialism (a favorite theme of his, it seems, no matter what black group he deals with), and the first lady—ever the soul sister, when the need arises—embracing both her African ancestry and her African sisters- The Root

In eight weeks, Washington, D.C., will see another historic event: the first U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit. All but a few of the heads of state of the 54 nations of Africa have been invited and most are expected to attend. It will be the most heads of state to ever be in Washington at one time, likely creating traffic jams Washington has seldom seen before as the Secret Service escorts the presidents and prime ministers across town several times a day.
The purpose of the program is ostensibly to bring Africa and the United States closer together economically and politically. While it is a program also designed to strengthen the legacy of the Obama presidency, it is not without significant risks and challenges, for this summit will be like none the African leaders have ever experienced.
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▶ Susan E. Rice: Previewing the U.S.- Africa Leaders Summit - YouTube
United States national security Advisor Susan E. Rice previews the first-ever U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit where President Obama will welcome nearly 50 African heads of state to Washington, as well as leaders from across Africa’s civil society, private sector and faith communities.
▶ Thomas Wheeler on US-Africa summit - YouTube
United States President Barack Obama is to host African leaders at a three-day summit to be held in Washington next week. Fifty heads of state are expected to attend the gathering with the exclusion of Zimbabwe, Sudan, Eritrea and the Central African Republic.
Joining us in studio to preview the summit is Thomas Wheeler, an Independent International Affairs Analyst.
▶ Young African Leaders Initiative Summit - YouTube
In Washington, DC today, U.S. President Barack Obama is hosting a three-day Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Summit to invest in the next generation of African entrepreneurs, educators, activists and innovators. President Barack Obama welcomes the fellows and talks about his upcoming U.S. Africa Leaders Summit. VOA’s Linord Moudou reports.
▶ Aly Khan Satchu talks on the Obama's U.S-Africa summit - YouTube
U.S President Barack Obama will invite 47 leaders to a landmark U.S-Africa summit in August. The summit seeks to widen U.S trade, development and security ties with an increasingly dynamic continent. Beatrice Marshall talked to Aly-Khan Satchu, Chief Executive Officer at Rich Management for more on this story.
▶ The US-Africa Leaders Summit: A Preview by Linda Thomas Greenfield - YouTube
▶ Conversation about the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit - YouTube
As momentum builds for the historic U.S. -Africa Leaders Summit to be held in Washington on August 5-6,
we are pleased to co-host this exchange between the Africa advocacy community and administration officials:
Linda Thomas-Greenfield
Assistant Secretary of State for Africa
Gayle Smith
Senior Director for Development and Democracy, White House National Security Council
Grant T. Harris
Senior Director for African Affairs, White House National Security Council
Earl Gast
Assistant Administrator, USAID Bureau for Africa


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