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Truth is in favor of you and me; for the truth of our enemies whom we have been serving here in the U.S.A. for over 400 years (whom we did not know to be our enemies by nature) is the truth that the Black Man must have knowledge of to be able to keep from falling into the deceiving traps that are being laid by our enemies to catch us in their way which is opposed to the way of righteous of whom we are members. ~ The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

Monday, July 21, 2014

Get out of the Slavemasta's Name: Whites telling Black History and the Disgrace of Blacks that won't

How many times have you heard an ignorant Black Adult say about Black history, I don't want to hear about that, that was yesterday, leave the past in the past.

The past shapes the present. You can never escape the past and those who try are doomed to repeat it. This is the situation that Blacks find ourselves in today. The hands of time are spinning in reverse as old systems have morphed into new forms of oppression ie privatized prisons.

That being said, here is a white man, Chris Tomlinson, exposing the crime of his ancestors, who were slave owners. His exposes how his ancestors owned slaves, cheaped Black sharecoppers and how some of his forefathers talk about Blacks like dogs. On the show with him is a 6th decendant of a slave that Chris Tomlinson's family owned.

He still holds on to the slave masta's name and shared how his father would not share with his children the history of there family under white domination, unfortunately like many ignorant Black do today.

A man without his history is like a tree without roots - Marcus Garvey

Tomlinson HillThe Remarkable Story of Two Families Who Share the Tomlinson Name - One White, One Black

As the great-great-grandson of Texas slaveholders, journalist Chris Tomlinson wanted to find out what crimes his ancestors had committed to maintain power and privilege.

So he went to Tomlinson Hill, the plantation his ancestors built in the 1850s, to not only explore the slave-owning part of his family tree, but also to find the descendants of the slaves who kept the Tomlinson name after they were freed.


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