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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

FCC chair: An Internet fast lane would be ‘commercially unreasonable’

On Tuesday, the nation's top telecom regulator told House lawmakers what consumer advocates have been longing to hear for weeks: that the Federal Communications Commission could move to block the rise of Internet fast lanes.
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said the agency recognizes that Internet providers would be disrupting a "virtuous cycle" between the demand for free-flowing information on one hand and new investment in network upgrades on the other if they started charging companies like Google for better access to consumers. What's more, he said, the FCC would have the legal authority to intervene.  read more...

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FCC Chair Offers Glimmer Of Hope For Net Neutrality Fans

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler walked a fine line Tuesday defending his controversial proposal to set up Internet "fast lanes," saying his agency could block such deals if they slowed down other traffic.
In an appearance before a Congressional committee, Wheeler acknowledged that a speedier Web highway for some would automatically mean other content was slower by comparison. But he said the FCC could swiftly move to block any arrangement that purposefully slowed down any traffic.
"That would be commercially unreasonable under our proposal," Wheeler said.
Lawmakers roast FCC chairman on net neutrality, Internet fast lanes issues : PERSONAL TECH : Tech Times
Although the FCC has lately voted in favor of allowing network providers the ability to create fast lanes to Internet access, it has been causing a controversy among law makers and tech companies due to the net neutrality principle it may tarnish.
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler defended his network neutrality plan, which includes the vote and potential fast lanes approach, in front of the House committee that oversees the FCC. However, democratic representatives on a communications and technology subcommittee urged him to draft a stronger network neutrality proposal that bans Internet fast lanes.


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