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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

#M.I.A., #NFL & The Persecution of a conscious Black artist

Here is yet another example of the system of racism, of white supremacy, seeking to destroy other black conscious artist.

It's not enough that the racist system excludes black conscious artist from the mainstream airwaves, no they have to crush any artist that finds success outside their control.  In this case, fine MIA a ridiculous amount for expressing what would be considered in her country and religion a spiritual sign.

The NFL is now planning to sue sister MIA for $16.6 million dollars for her flashing the middle finger during the Superbowl.

This is not the first time the NFL has had issues during halftime performances, there is Michael Jackson's performance where he genitals, Prince's performance where he stroked his guitar in a sexually suggestive way and Madonna's performance, no explanation needed.

The NFL and NBC are at fault for failure to activate a five second delay system that would have prevented the middle finger from being flashed during halftime. They are attempting to pass on their negligence to the conscious artist MIA.

If the NFL succeeds in their frivolous lawsuit again MIA,  black people an American and all over the world, including the NFL players and future Superbowl performers, should boycott the NFL and the Superbowl!  Shut it down!

NFL Now Demands $16.6 Million Over M.I.A.'s Super Bowl Middle Finger (Exclusive) - Hollywood Reporter
The singer says there can't be liability or damage based on speculative FCC action, and her legal papers say it is "implausible" that any indecency fine will come after years of regulatory inaction and recent decisions at the U.S. Supreme Court.
What's more, the responsibility of broadcaster NBC could be investigated as the arbitration continues forward.
"NFL, and NBC, failed to exercise ordinary care in the conduct of the Halftime show by not activating the '5 second delay' system in place for the broadcast," says M.I.A.'s papers. "Any alleged fault or liability of Respondents should be diminished by NBC's dereliction. Discovery has not been taken yet to determine whether contractually NBC owed a duty to NFL to properly operate the delay system. Very likely that is indeed the case."

M.I.A.'s Flip Of The Finger: Big Deal Or Not? : The Two-Way : NPR

Are you upset or not about M.I.A.'s obscene gesture during halftime of the Super Bowl? (Closed)
Total: 6,157

M.I.A. Says Super Bowl Middle Finger Was In Spiritual Devotion To Hindu Goddess
The infamous middle finger than M.I.A. flashed during the 2012 Super Bowl halftime show was a result of the singer's Hindu spiritual enlightenment.
In a recent interview with NPR, the rapper explained that Matangi -- also the name of her new album, which debuted Tuesday -- is a Hindu goddess whose symbol is the middle finger.
'I Built The Platform Myself': M.I.A. On Being Heard : NPR
"MATANGI MUDRA is a meditation pose for a Hindu Goddess, which dates back 5,000 years. It involves raising your middle fingers. I raised my middle finger at the Super Bowl and I’m having to go through a court case…"
"I don’t know why the West turns these things into negatives and then feeds them to its own people. (…) These concepts are being used to control and manipulate people, but who are the people who did that? Those are the questions I’m interested in asking." ~ MATANGI aka M.I.A.
NFL Demands $16.6 Million from M.I.A. for Giving Middle Finger During The Super Bowl (news.radio.com)
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