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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Infertility & Same Sex Relationships: In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) responsible for over 1.5 percent of all births in US in 2012: report

The mainstream media would like you to believe that the reason for the increase of IVF births are do to women waiting till their later years to have a baby but the truth is, many women in America are finding it difficult to conceive either because they can't hold the child in their womb or their mate has low and/or weak sperm, unable to fertilize the egg.

Another reason, one that the mainstream media will not expose, is the number of Same Sex couples, men and women, who are having babies through this process.

This all points to the Wrath of God on an immoral society.  The consequences of rebelling against God's laws is causing Americans and Europeans to become infertile and even sterile.

Maybe this is the real reason why Plan Parenthood and other abortion clinics are in Black, Hispanic and poor communities who are having no problems having babies.  It is something to think about...
Birth control death plan!
Homosexual Behavior as Population Control?
The SART report, which was released on Monday, said that there were a record 61,740 American babies born through the IVF process, in which eggs and sperm are mixed together under laboratory conditions.
That figure represents an increase of 2,000 so-called test tube births over the previous year, and represents 1.5 percent of all infants born nationwide, according to a story appearing in Monday’s edition of the Daily Mail.

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