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Monday, February 3, 2014

Four clear signs the International Bankers/Global Elite have ditched America

Below are four clear signs that the Global Elite have ditched America. 

None of what you read below is by accident, nor did it have to happen, all of it is by design.  Everything from the collapsing infrastructure, failure of the educational system, to the continued credit card hijacking schemes that are designed to squeeze the last remaining bit of wealth from the American people.

The problem is more than just a do nothing Congress, its a government that has been totally taking over by Multinational Corporations and Zionist forces.

The global elite have no more use for American labor and are now replacing Americans with robots, a cheap foreign labor force and a new or neo-slavery system called the Prison Industrial Complex

For those who see what is taking place and desire better for the country, the Global Elite have taken over Mainstream Media and put into place a Police State under the guise of fighting terrorismwhen the real terrorist in their eyes are the American people.

For Black man and woman the ONLY solution is to separate (spiritually and eventually physically Rev. 18), pool our resources, and do for self - www.economicblueprint.org.


Credit Card Scheme - robbing American's Blind:
Popular Hotels Now Caught In Credit Card Hacking Scheme - The Wire
Hotels company apparently hacked, exposing guests' credit cards - CNN.com
U.S. rolling out chip card technology, ever so slowly
Instead of swiping a chip card, you insert it into a payment terminal. Identifying information is encrypted on an embedded microchip, which is more difficult to counterfeit than a magnetic stripe. 
More than 80 countries around the world use chip technology. Yet less than 1 percent of credit cards issued in the U.S. have chips.
Target Hack A Tipping Point In Moving Away From Magnetic Stripes : All Tech Considered : NPR
Industry leaders know magnetic stripes are outdated and easily exploitable. The rest of the world moved onto a more secure, harder-to-hack payment system based on chip-enabled cards — chip and PIN. Chip-enabled cards are more secure because the data on the chip is hidden behind encryption. So even if criminals intercept what's on it, they can't re-use it.
"It's standardized all over the world and used all over the world, except in the U.S. and perhaps one country in Africa," Litan says.
Infrastructure allowed to deteriorate despite you paying taxes to keep them up-to-date  
If Power Lines Fall, Why Don't They Go Underground? : NPR
Other industrialized countries have more of their neighborhood power distribution underground. David Lindsay, an expert at the Electric Power Research Institute, says places like Western Europe have an edge because they rebuilt their cities after the war.
"A lot of the infrastructure there is much younger than it is here," Lindsay says. "Infrastructure in general here dates to before World War II, and it was just added on and added on and added on."
American cities could upgrade by putting wires underground, but that's an expensive proposition.
Japan's 300 mph maglev train: Why can't the US build high-speed rail?
The real obstacle today is a lack of political will to plan for the future, especially from the Republicans who torpedoed President Obama's high-speed rail plans in his first term. Those plans were far from perfect, but they would have been a great start. Come 2040, the United States is still going to be putting around on mid-20th-century infrastructure while countries like Japan, China, and Germany marvel at our backwardness.
Still Waiting: Will America's Next-Gen Bullet Trains Ever Leave the Station? | Popular Science
EconoMonitor : Ed Dolan's Econ Blog » Why are our Bridges Falling? The Economics of the Infrastructure Deficit
Our bridges, roads, dams, electric grid, sewers, and water treatment plants are wearing out faster than we are replacing them. And that is happening, in large part, because of our misguided obsession with the federal fiscal deficit.
America's Bridges Will All Be Falling Down Soon
Of the 607,380 bridges listed in the federal National Bridge Inventory, 65,605 bridges are structurally deficient and more than 20,000 bridges are "fracture critical" and could collapse if a single component fails. Approximately 7,795 bridges fall into both categories, with more than 400 in New York state alone and another 200 in Illinois.
America children are being Mis-educated and Under-educated to make them into slave workers for the Global Elite.  They will have 3 options: An Economic Slave, Solider for the Illuminati, or Death.
U.S. Students Slide In Global Ranking On Math, Reading, Science : The Two-Way : NPR
American 15-year-olds continue to turn in flat results in a test that measures students' proficiency in reading, math and science worldwide, failing to crack the global top 20.
US teens lag in global education rankings as Asian countries rise to the top - U.S. News
American high school students slip in global education rankings | Fox News
Farm Bill Cuts $8billion in Food Stamps leaving millions of Americans without a safety net
Farm Bill Passes House With $8 Billion in Food-Stamp Cuts - Bloomberg
The bill would cut food-stamp spending by $8.6 billion over 10 years, though additions to other programs bring nutrition-aid cuts down to $8 billion -- one-fifth of the $40 billion sought by Republicans and fought by Democrats and food retailers. The reduction would equal about 1 percent of the program’s record $79.6 billion in spending for the budget year that ended Sept. 30.
Food stamp cuts mean bigger pantry demand - Morning Call
Small Cuts To Food Stamps Add Up To Big Pains For Many Recipients : The Salt : NPR
The cuts will come from closing a loophole used in 16 states and Washington, D.C. known as "heat and eat." Recipients get a token amount of federal heating help that they can turn into additional food stamp benefits.
5 things to know about the massive farm bill - Yahoo News
Food Stamp Cuts So Devastating Even Walmart Is Too Expensive
Walmart struggled at the end of last year. But according to the retailer's new estimations, it wasn’t because people didn’t want to buy. It was because they couldn’t.
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