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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Supervolcano: Caldera Volcano beneath Yellowstone could wipe out U.S.

A new study claims the supervolcano beneath Yellowstone National Park is larger than expected, based on a new study. The Caldera Volcano underneath Yellowstone Park, which hasn't erupted in 640,000 years, has a magma chamber that dwarfs previous estimates and has many wondering if the "apocalyptic" dome is ready to blow.  | Examiner.com

Beneath Yellowstone, a volcano that could wipe out U.S. | New York Post
Supervolcano under Yellowstone larger than previously thought, could doom mankind | The Raw Story
A new study shows the volcano’s magma chamber about 2.5 times larger than previous estimates suggested, stretching more than 55 miles and containing between 200 to 600 cubic kilometers of molten rock.
World's largest volcano in Yellowstone National Park to wipe out two-thirds of US? | Mail Online
The super-volcano beneath Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming has been rising at a record rate since 2004
It would explode with a force a thousand times more powerful than the Mount St Helens eruption in 1980.
Spewing lava far into the sky, a cloud of plant-killing ash would fan out and dump a layer 10ft deep up to 1,000 miles away.
Two-thirds of the U.S. could become uninhabitable as toxic air sweeps through it, grounding thousands of flights and forcing millions to leave their homes.
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