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Monday, December 16, 2013

Santa's (Satan's) Blackface Elves: Why do Black Christians still celebrate the false Birhday of Jesus???

Why, in 2013, do Black Christians still celebrate December 25 (Christmas) as the birth-date of Jesus?  December 25th is without a doubt is NOT the birth-date of Jesus.
Where it may have been in doubt yesterday, it is a known fact today.  Regardless to whether you believe he was born in October, September or March, one thing that has been dispelled is that he was not born in the middle of winter.
What is celebrated on December 25th in Western European tradition is the Winter Solstice on this day in honor of the "Unconquered Sun."  It is a pagan holiday and Who is the Unconquered Sun?  It is a man named Nimrod, one of the most wicked human beings who every lived.  

Here are some other reasons not to celebrate Christmas as Christ birth-date:
  • Santa is Satan misspelled to deceive the ignorant; 
  • Old (St.) Nick literally means the Devil;
  • It is a seductive marketing and consumer driving campaign of Madison Avenue ad agencies and corporations;
  • You lie to your children about a fat white man (elf) giving him all the credit for your hard work
  • As stated above, it is a pagan holiday - period!;
  • You are unknowingly celebrating the birth-date of Nimrod ;
  • More suicides are committed around this so-called holiday;
  • More people indulge in drinking, drug use, lying, stealing and killing around this so-called holiday.
Saint Nicholas and Black Pete
Santa has “six to eight black men” all named Zwarte Piet, or Black Pete. Yes, black men, six to eight of them. The derivation is not a happy one – Zwarte Piet is the Medieval name for a devil, which later became St. Nicholas’s slave – but today many children are taught that these elves are simply black-faced due to their time spent crawling up and down chimneys. To celebrate the tradition, Dutch people, some of them anyhow, get all dressed up in black face for St. Nicholas’s parade on December 5, and have a merry ol’ time. David Sedaris, in his piece on the topic, explains, or tries to:
The six to eight black men were characterized as personal slaves until the mid-fifties, when the political climate changed and it was decided that instead of being slaves they were just good friends. I think history has proven that something usually comes between slavery and friendship, a period of time marked not by cookies and quiet times beside the fire but by bloodshed and mutual hostility. They have such violence in Holland, but rather than duking it out among themselves, Santa and his former slaves decided to take it out on the public. In the early years, if a child was naughty, Saint Nicholas and the six to eight black men would beat him with what Oscar described as “the small branch of a tree.”
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The Dutch Christmas parade where Santa's... by itnnews


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