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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Former NOPD Officer Acquitted in Post-Katrina Police Shooting (& incinerating the body) of Henry Glover

On Wednesday, a federal jury acquitted a former police officer, David Warren, of unlawfully shooting Glover with an assault rifle during the harrowing days after Hurricane Katrina ripped through the city. Warren, 50, took the stand during the trial, testifying that he fired at Glover from the second floor of a strip mall because he believed Glover was armed and liable to attack him. (No weapon linked to Glover has ever been discovered.)

The legality of such shootings hinges on “reasonable belief.” An officer can squeeze the trigger if he or she has reasonably concluded that they are facing a person who poses a serious physical threat. Warren’s statements, it appears, helped to convince jurors that he acted lawfully, and after some 14 hours of deliberations they cleared him of violating Glover’s civil rights and using a firearm in the commission of crime.   | FRONTLINE | PBS

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Edna Glover holds a portrait of her son, Henry Glover, whose charred remains were found behind a police station. (Credit: Chandra McCormick & Keith Calhoun)
Edna Glover holds a portrait of her son, Henry Glover, whose charred remains were found behind a police station. (Credit: Chandra McCormick & Keith Calhoun)

In September 2005, roughly a week after Hurricane Katrina ripped into the Gulf Coast, a group of New Orleans police officers discovered the burned shell of a car sitting on an earthen levee overlooking the bloated Mississippi River. Inside the scorched sedan, scattered across the back seat, lay black ashes and bones. Human bones. A charred skull, shards of rib, an arm bone, clumps of roasted flesh. Equipped with a digital camera, one cop clicked off a string of photos of the tableau.
Jury acquits David Warren in Henry Glover shooting | News | The New Orleans Advocate
The fatal shot from a New Orleans police officer’s rifle that preceded the burning of a body and allegations of a cover-up, making the name Henry Glover a symbol for heinous New Orleans police misconduct in Hurricane Katrina’s wake, was legally justifiable, a federal court jury decided Wednesday.


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