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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lying Western Media: Terrorist Attacks in Kenya: Facts, Myths, and Reshuffled Stories

The Coat of arms of Kenya
The Coat of arms of Kenya (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I’ve read over 50 accounts of the tragic events. The same themes keep circling around: how the mall was the symbolic reaffirmation of a rising Kenyan middle class, which contrasted with the reality of a very poor East African region; how the attacks can be explained by the fact that Kenya is geographically situated at the intersection of a very politically unstable, violent, and poor region; how Westgate Mall was chosen as the target of the attacks because it was run by Israelis and because it was a high-end social establishment (read: conspicuous consumption) frequented by the Kenyan upper class, expats, and foreign nationals; and how the attacks prove that al-Shabab is a more remarkable terrorist threat than originally anticipated.

As journalists continue to insist on these themes, never diving deeper into the context in which the attacks occurred, these superficial descriptions with misrepresenting pseudo-facts are all that we are left with.

Western media depicts the tragic massacre in this way because there is a large unsuspecting audience that will buy into these shallow accounts of the event. After all, it makes sense that some poor furious Somalis would come together and conspire to randomly shoot at some rich, non-Muslim Kenyans, right?

With such “themes” rehashed at every corner of the Western media, let’s review them in more detail.  » The Epoch Times

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