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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Kendrick Johnson missing organs, newspaper found instead on 2nd autopsy after wrestling mat death in Georgia

Kendrick Johnson
There's another heartbreak for Georgia parents investigating the death of their teenage son. The doctor hired to perform a second autopsy on Kendrick Johnson, 17, found his organs were missing and replaced with old newspaper.

The first time Jacquelyn Johnson cried next to her son Kendrick's grave, he was being lowered into the ground. The second time, he was being pulled out of it.

In June, Kendrick's body was sent to Florida. The Johnsons hired Doctor Bill Anderson to conduct an independent second autopsy. In that autopsy, Anderson told the Johnsons he'd found evidence that Kendrick died as the result of a blow to the neck, and not accidental asphyxia after slipping into a rolled gym mat at school as investigators in Georgia had said.  | abc7chicago.com

Also read:
A former FBI agent has claimed the death of a young athlete whose body was discovered in a rolled up gym mat was a result of foul play, as newly-obtained video and grisly photos from the scene have emerged. Authorities ruled Kendrick Johnson's January death an accident after state medical examiners said he tragically suffocated after getting stuck in the wrestling mat while reaching for a sneaker. But federal agent-turned private investigator Harold Copus believes something more sinister happened in the gym that day and his family are convinced the out-going teen was murdered. 'Someone murdered him,' Kendrick's father Kenneth Johnson said. 'They should be in jail.'


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