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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Islam, The 'Royal' Family and the Death of Princess Diana

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Diana: Death of a Princess
http://productnews.link.net/general/News/18-10-2010/d-_m.jpgThen there is the question of what happened to Diana after the accident, as apparently she sat on the floor of the car talking to a photographer, and she remained conscious during the two hours it took to cut her out of the wreckage, yet she was said to have suffered such severe injuries that necessitated the ambulance to drive so slowly that the 7-mile journey lasted a whole hour. However, when arriving at the hospital, her condition was not listed as critical. The condition was only recorded as critical four hours after the crash, and within ten minutes from then she is said to have died. The course of death given was cardiac tamponade, which means that there was severe pressure due to excess fluid in the vicinity of the heart, allegedly from a ruptured vein in the left lung, but this condition would not have permitted her to stay alive for four hours. Nor was she put onto a heart-lung machine during that time. Her body guard eventually survived, but cannot remember anything. It is quite likely that he would not survive the recovery of his memory at a later time. Seeing that the full facts around the death of J. F. Kennedy are still speculation and the cover-up continues, we shall have to wait for a long time to get answers to those questions.  
» The Unlawful Killing of Princess Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
So let’s go back to the “Unlawful Killing” documentary and see what all the fuss is about. The film starts by showing a letter from Diana, hand-written to her butler, predicting her own violent death. It says, “My husband is planning ‘an accident’ in my car. Brake failure & serious head injury.” Less than two years later her prediction came true.
The documentary next shows numerous people saying that her death was murder. Mohamed Al-Fayed, Dodi’s father, goes even further. He goes on record in the documentary saying that it was a slaughter by the ‘bloody racist’ royal family. He thinks the royal family got his son killed because they were too racist to accept a foreign, Muslim step-father or a Muslim half-brother or half-sister for the future king.

Conspiracy Planet - Princess Diana: Murder-Coverup - Princess Diana Was Pregnant
At least two persons close to Diana and Dodi Fayed have told the press that the couple were planning on marrying. They had been dating for nine months, and Dodi's purchase of a quarter million dollar diamond ring for her provided additional confirmation.
A marriage to Dodi Fayed would have been seen by the British establishment as an alliance with the Muslim world, and there was the real possibility that Diana would convert to the Islamic faith. Equally important, Dodi's father was billionaire Muhammad Fayed, related to the Saudi Royal Family. He is alleged to have compromised many British politicians through the use of his bribes and other incentives.
Did Princess Diana convert to Muslim
Actually, she did convert to Islam. She fell in love with a Muslim man called Dodi Al Fayed (He was the son of an Egyptian billionaire.) Diana was pregnant with Dodi Al Fayed's Child (and she only told his father Mohammed Al Fayed about it) This was going to be announced on the 3rd of August , three days after she died! Diana's killing was ordered because the royal family did not want the mother of the future king having a child with a Muslim businessman. And also, the Muslim business man would have been the step-father of Prince William & Harry. Prince Charles and Philip were behind it.

Was Princess Diana murdered for nearly marrying Muslim 'secret fiance' Dodi? | Al Bawaba


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