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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Now that Venezuela has offered Snowden asylum his Primary Challenge: Avoiding Reach of US Empire

Venezuela, whose President Nicholas Maduro has offered asylum, now seems the most likely destination for the man, whose intelligence disclosures have given the world an unprecedented look into the massive global surveillance machine run by the US spy agency. But the real challenge, according to many, is how Snowden will make his way from Moscow to any of the possible countries willing to take him in, which also include Bolivian and Nicaragua.  | Common Dreams


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PressTV - US lobbying to block Snowden’s way

American authorities have been lobbying the European allies to deny any flight carrying National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden access to their airspace.


Snowden should leave Moscow since Venezuela and Bolivia have accepted his asylum requests.  However, every route from Moscow to South America would involve traveling through the skies of at least one NATO country.

PressTV - NSA leaker accepts political asylum in Venezuela: Russian official

“As was expected, Snowden agreed to (Venezuelan President Nicolas) Maduro's offer of political asylum,” Alexei Pushkov, the head of the Russian parliament's foreign affairs committee, said on his Twitter account Tuesday.

Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia had all offered political asylum to Snowden over the weekend.


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