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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Christ In Context: 'Zealot' Explores The Life Of Jesus

On the Crucifixion

Was Jesus Really a Rabble Rousing Revolutionary Who Didnt Consider Himself Gods Son? | Reza Aslan, Zealot
"There's only one reason to be crucified under the Roman Empire and that is for treason or sedition. Crucifixion, we have to understand, was not actually a form of capital punishment for Rome. In fact, it was often the case that the criminal would be killed first and then crucified. Crucifixion was, in reality, a deterrent; it was an obvious symbol to subject peoples of what happens when you defy the will of Rome. Which is why crucifixions always had to happen in public places: at crossroads, on hills, at the entrance of cities. So for that reason, crucifixion was a punishment reserved ... solely for the most extreme crimes, crimes against the state. ...

"And so, that's why if we really want to know who Jesus was and what he meant, we should start not at the beginning of the story — with him in a manger — but at the end of the story, with him on a cross. Because if Jesus was in fact crucified by Rome, he was crucified for sedition. He was crucified because he challenged the Roman occupation." : Listen to FULL Interview at: NPR.org

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In case you haven't seen this or don't yet know the unfathomable depths of stupidity to which Fox continues to aspire, here's an interview with religion  scholar and professor Reza Aslan, author of Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth, in which host Lauren Green simply asks over and over - nine times in 10 minutes - how Aslan, a (gasp) Muslim, could possibly write about “the founder of Christianity.” Umm, says Aslan patiently, as though  speaking to a very slow child, because it's my job. Two kickers here: Green, who never gets around to discussing the book and has clearly not read it, is listed as Fox' "religious correspondent." And thanks to the viral uproar over what Buzzfeed calls "the most embarrassing interview Fox has ever done," Aslan's (no doubt formerly obscure) book is now #1 on Amazon's bestseller list. With some choice xenophobic customer "reviews," and a Q & A with Aslan on Reddit.


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