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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Urban Survivalism: How to be Self-Sufficient in a Food Crisis

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It would be romantic if we could all live on small farms, Little-House-on-the-Prairie-style, but the bottom line is that rural communities are not the only ones with healthy food needs, and the world has far too many people in it to discount urban survivalist tactics. Planting a new type of ‘Victory’ garden, made popular during WWI and WWII, many people are utilizing small-scale agriculture, planting in neighborhoods, plant boxes, indoor green houses, windows, patios, etc. with amazing variety and creativity to supply non-GMO food to their families. The Russians are using small-scale, organic farming for food sustainability, so why can’t we?
Seed saving, seed swaps and aquaponics are also shaping the urban survivalist canvas as people plant vertical gardens in small spaces and learn about companion gardening to increase yield. Many people can augment their grocery produce with patio gardens, and an entire family can be fed with just 1/5 of an acre.
Restoring local ecosystems with edible gardens and planting regenerative landscapes, even on small scale, can ripple out like a pebble thrown on a lake’s surface to ensure that rich, unpolluted soil, and unaltered seeds nourish unbastardized crops that can flourish for generations to come in every corner of the planet.  Read more...

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