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Monday, June 10, 2013

Myall Creek massacre of nearly 30 Aboriginal men, women and children remembered

Nearly 30 Aboriginal men, women and children were slaughtered by a group of convicts and stockmen at Myall Creek, back in 1883, and the impact is still being felt today.  | SBS World News

Myall Creek massacre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Myall Creek Massacre involved the killing of up to 30 unarmed Australian Aborigines on 10 June 1838 at the Myall Creek near Bingara in northern New South Wales.[1] After two trials, seven of the 11 colonists involved in the killings were found guilty of murder and hanged.[1]
The Myall Creek Massacre Background
In 1838 the British colony of New South Wales was expanding rapidly - so rapidly in fact that squatters were setting up cattle and sheep stations beyond the “Limits of Location” which were the official boundaries of the colony. To set up these sheep and cattle stations the squatters used their convict labour who were “assigned” to them by the Government.

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