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Friday, May 3, 2013

Breitbart Lives? New York Times & Slate.com Do Sloppy Racist Hatchet Job on Black Farmers Lawsuit

Though Andrew Breitbart has been dead a year, his rancid brand of hatemongering slander is alive and well. Its latest latest rotten pustule burst upon the face of last Friday's New York Times in a 5,000 word piece by Sharon LaFraniere, with an assist from self-described conservative blogger Dave Weigel at Slate.com, a web site owned by the Washington Post. The inflammatory title of the NYT piece says it all.... US Opens Spigot After Farmers Claim Discrimination.”

La Franiere depicts a mendacious Breitbart-style fantasy world in which black hucksters are enrolling thousands of African Americans, many of whom were never farmers or even the heirs of farmers in an apparently successful discrimination suit against the federal government, a suit which the Obama White House is already in the process of settling by throwing billions at the plaintiffs and their attorneys while Latinos, women and Native Americans eagerly line up behind the precedent to get their own pot of free settlement money for sketchy allegations of discrimination.   | Black Agenda Report


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