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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Difference Between East (African/Muslim) and West (European/Christianity): Same Sex Marriage

New Zealand becomes 13th country to legalize gay marriage - World News
It becomes the 13th country to legalize same-sex marriages, after Uruguay passed its own law last week. Australia last year rejected a similar proposal.
Countries where such marriages are legal include Canada, Spain and Sweden, in addition to some states in the United States. France is close to legalizing same-sex marriages amid increasingly vocal opposition.
New Zealand passes same-sex marriage bill — RT News
New Zealand has become the first Asia-Pacific country to legalize same-sex marriage after lawmakers passed a bill on Wednesday extending civil union rights to gay couples.
The bill amended the country’s 1955 Marriage Act, making it not
only the first in Asia-Pacific to legalize same-sex marriage, but
the 13th worldwide.
Gay marriage across the world (nation.co.ke)

Homosexuality to Be Banned In Zambia • Africanglobe.net
Zambia’s ongoing National Constitution Convention has recommended to the Technical Committee on Drafting the Zambian Constitution to make clear and precise a clause in the draft constitution that bars Anti-Social practices such as homosexuality, lesbianism and other abominable practices from being practiced in Zambia.
The convention which reconvened for plenary discussion today has been scrutinizing articles especially those that provides the rights of people and articles that describes the minority and marginalized groups to ensure that the practices of homosexuality and lesbianism are not given leeway into the national document.
BBC NEWS | In Depth | AfricaLive | Homosexuality in Africa
The issue of homosexuality has excited deep and often extreme reactions in Africa.
In Uganda, for example, the pracitce - referred to as "carnal knowledge of another against the order of nature" - has been outlawed by president Museveni, while Zimbabwe's president Robert Mugabe claimed homosexuals were "worse than pigs and dogs."
Homosexuality In Africa Is Still Taboo : NPR
The controversy surrounding Uganda's pending anti-gay bill has increased attention on homosexuality elsewhere in Africa. Saratu Abiola, a reporter for AllAfrica.com, reviews why homosexuality is already illegal in more than 30 African nations.
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