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Monday, April 15, 2013

Native American Indian pictures before the influence of settlers

 Edward Curtis was commissioned to create a photo journal to collect images as it was the intent to exterminate the Indian people. Thus the Buffalo Soldiers whose duty was to kill Indians... ~ Guy Jones, Native American

Silent: A Hopi Girl, ca. 1905. by Edward S Curtis
These are the remarkable portraits of Native Americans before the influence of Western society tainted their tribes.

A century ago, photographer and ethnologist Edward S. Curtis embarked on a vast study of Native American peoples throughout the West.

Curtis, who worked mainly in Seattle, spent time with 80 different tribes over two decades and compiled more than 40,000 photographs.

Although Curtis was praised for his skill as a photographer, according to The Atlantic, the posed nature of the shots are often attacked by critics who say the images play up to stereotypes of Native American cultures.  | Go to Mail Online to see more pictures

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