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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

China in denial about its race problem

“In traditional Chinese opera one who had a black face or darker skin features indicated either a rough, bold or noble character and a person of courage, righteousness and incorruptibility, or an impartial and selfless personality,” he wrote. “The noted jurist during the Ming Dynasty, Bao Zheng (999-1062), was known for his dark complexion and black face and is a symbol of justice, fair play, incorruptibility in Chinese history.

“In contrast a white face in Chinese opera meant a perfect villain. The color white is the trait that highlights all that is bad in human nature: cunning, craftiness, deceit and treachery.”

Now, that’s been flipped.

“At some point in modern Chinese history the view of blackness, Africans and other dark skinned people changed from a positive or indifferent view to a negative and vociferous one,” Mr. Johnson wrote.

He argues that rather than having a genuine dislike of African Americans, Chinese, like people around the world, were heavily influenced by Westerners “who have transferred their negative racial views and perceptions of people of color to the Chinese.”  The Final Call... 
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