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Monday, November 19, 2012

What will second Obama term mean for Blacks?

Now what? That is the question Black folks, the majority of whom have shown unwavering support for President Barack Obama are asking, now that he has been re-elected to serve another four years in the Oval Office.

It is the same community that was hesitant to publicly criticize the country’s first Black president. The fear was in part, due to the blatant disrespect and racially tinged rhetoric hurled relentlessly at President Obama by those seething with utter contempt at seeing a Black face as Commander-in-Chief. The sentiment was that he did not need his own people also criticizing him, whether it was justified or not.

In 2008 as over 95 percent of Blacks voted for Mr. Obama, the almost immediate refrain became, “just wait until he wins a second term, then he will be in a better position to address Black issues.”

This year’s election also saw overwhelming support from Blacks, who were a key voting bloc in helping the president win battleground states like Ohio.  The Final Call...

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President Obama has nearly consummated his long courtship with the GOP, yet Black and labor leaders continue to pretend that he is a bulwark against austerity. In an even more nightmarish version of Groundhog Day, "the behavior of the Black and labor leadership actors remains the same, as the economic and political landscape crumbles around them.”
President Obama is taking his case for a grand austerity bargain with the Republicans on the road, moving us “closer to eliminating the threadbare safety net.” Not so long ago, it would have been inconceivable that a Democratic president barnstorm the country, “loudly and publicly demanding support for making right wing fantasies come true.”


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