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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How U.S. Prisons Cost Taxpayers $228 Billion Every Year

Freedom Rider: How Mass Incarceration Affects Everything Else

The United States is the imprisonment capital of the world. Just one state, Louisiana, has an incarceration rate 5 times higher than Iran and 13 times higher than China, nations which Americans are supposed to feel superior to. More than 2 million Americans are behind bars in jails and prisons, which is the highest on earth in total number and by percentage of population.

The phenomenon we now know as mass incarceration began in the early 1970s and has steadily increased since. In this country minor infractions result in prison terms and an ever increasing number of offenses are added to the list. Black people are a minority of Americans but make up fully half of the imprisoned population, and most of those were convicted of non-violent crimes.  | Black Agenda Report
The Daily Bail
Get involved at http://beyondbars.org.  Stats come from the following sources:
Infographic: US Federal Budget Visualized - Your Tax Dollars at Work
 The Beast
Our prison system is a beast, gobbling resources that should be going to communities. Watch the video to find out why.


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