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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

US homelessness & poverty at an alarming high

Across the United States homelessness plagues the streets and shelters more than ever before.
In 2012 the census stated that 15% of all Americans are poor, meaning they earn around $21,765 for a family of four and this number has been growing in the past few years.
The economic collapse and housing crisis forced more people onto the streets and into shelters as they lost their jobs and homes.
However, other causes of homelessness in the United States are substance abuse, domestic violence, and mental illness.
According to the Network to End Domestic Violence, approximately 63% of homeless women have experienced domestic violence in their adult lives.
Many people who find themselves in impoverished situations with violence view homelessness as a way to escape the destructive situation.
Substance abuse is the single largest cause of homelessness in single adults. In particular, homeless people often face overwhelming barriers to attaining health care, including addictive disorder treatment services and recovery support.
Several organizations work to address the need for counseling of homeless individuals and incorporate it into their shelter programs.
The government's lack of affordable housing and health care, in addition to the limited scale of housing, education and job assistance programs have all contributed to the current housing crisis, homelessness, and impacted the citizens on the streets drastically.
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    Households in the wealthiest one percent were 288 times richer than the median American household in 2010, possessing an average net worth of $16.4 million. In contrast, the median American household had a net worth of $57,000 in 2010. That's according to "The State of Working America," a report released Tuesday by the Economic Policy Institute.
    As the Democratic National Convention got underway in Charlotte, North Carolina, America's national debt topped 16 trillion Dollars. As the news came out, Republicans began pouncing. But who is to blame for this enormous debt? Democrats, Republicans, or both? The fact is that the US govt., whether a Republican or a democrat, has for the past decade, spent money that it has not had. The incumbent Barack Obama has already spent more in 3.5 years of his term, over $5 trillion, than George Bush Jr. did in 8 years.
    America is currently engaged in the most expensive presidential contest in world history. In the United States, money doesn’t just talk – it dictates. How can we hope to make progress on the path to sustainability when the road is blocked by barricades of bullion backed by battalions of billionaires? How do we break through the political gridlock?


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