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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Israeli civil court blames bulldozer death on American peace activist Rachel Corrie

Rachel was not a "human shield" - she was protesting house demolition. The house she was protecting belonged to a Palestinian pharmacist, not a terrorist

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'Rachel Corrie ruling a black day for human rights'

There was no middle ground in reactions to the Haifa District Court ruling rejecting the Corrie family's case on Tuesday, with Rachel Corrie's parents and attorney calling the ruling a "black day for human rights" and the state attorney's office expressing complete satisfaction that the court fully accepted its arguments.
Hussein abu Hussein said that the court's ruling showed that there was injustice across the legal system.  JPost - National News

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An Israeli judge has exonerated a military investigation that acquitted the IDF of the killing of a US activist by a bulldozer. The judge reiterated that the death was “an accident,” while the victim’s family insists she was purposefully run over.

Nine years after US activist Rachel Corrie was crushed to death by an Israeli army bulldozer, her family has been handed a verdict in their civil lawsuit against Israel.
The court ruled that the state was not at fault for Corrie’s death and that an earlier military investigation, which cleared troops of wrongdoing, was conducted appropriately. It further stated that there was neither intent nor negligence involved.


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