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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Can We Green Our Antiquated Power Grid?

"We're the world's greatest superpower, but we have a Third World electricity grid," former Energy Secretary Bill Richardson

One solution is to go digital and build a “smart grid.”

English: Simple diagram of electricity grids i...
English: Simple diagram of electricity grids in North America. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Our power grids were built in the 1950s, an age before computers, the internet, and cell phones. To get an idea of how the grid works, think back to how telephones used to be run. An operator would physically move plugs around to make a phone call. Now phones are operated by a computer. The grid is still in the plug-and-operator phase, and some groups, like the Sierra Club advocate building a “smart grid.”

Presently, there is a lack of communication in the grid. “Digital will allow us to monitor a lot of points in the system from a central point, which you can’t today,” James E. Rogers, president and chief executive of Duke Energy Rogers told the New York Times. Right now, there is no central grid operator, or “national grid,” for that matter. Rather, the United States is divided into three regional grids, which are, in turn, divided into smaller reliability councils, independent system operators, and utilities. Each of these operates on its own system.  - Go Green

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Most people in the United States only think about where electricity comes from when the lights unexpectedly go out.
But unless the antiquated transmission grid is fixed, expensive blackouts that bring modern life to a grinding halt will become ever more common, according to "Lights Out" (Wiley, $27.95), by Jason Makansi.
Alternative energy sources are out there; Wind, Solar, Thermal, etc. Bro. Dawud Muhammad is an expert on the issue. I would advise everyone to check out his website: Talk Black LIVE Radio
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