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Truth is in favor of you and me; for the truth of our enemies whom we have been serving here in the U.S.A. for over 400 years (whom we did not know to be our enemies by nature) is the truth that the Black Man must have knowledge of to be able to keep from falling into the deceiving traps that are being laid by our enemies to catch us in their way which is opposed to the way of righteous of whom we are members. ~ The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

Friday, June 15, 2012

Farrakhan shares words of warning and guidance

Scripture and the day of judgment
Minister Farrakhan during his address May 27. Photos Malcolm Shabazz
The family of Christ can’t come together to change reality outside church doors, so it becomes a place of comfort, the Minister said. When church is over worshippers go back to the same condition, said Min. Farrakhan. He condemned religious division based on denomination and challenged religious leaders to end division and actively exert their faith in the society.
Islam is not only about prayer and fasting but what is to be done in this time of trouble, added Min. Farrakhan.
If we have the religion of Jesus, Muhammad and the prophets—who changed reality—why are we powerless and Satan running amuck? he said.
Prophecy about the Day of Judgment found in the Bible and the Holy Qur’an is being fulfilled today, Min. Farrakhan said. And the people to be delivered are the Black people of America and the Western Hemisphere, he said.
Signs yesterday pointed to today, continued Min. Farrakhan, who noted that none of God’s judgments using weather occurred in the history of Prophet Muhammad of Arabia. But extreme weather is plaguing America today and things will only get worse, the Minister warned. Famine is on the way, he said.
As it was in the days of Noah, every imagination of the peoples heart was to do evil and the same is true today, he said.
The sins that lead God to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah are openly practiced in the U.S. and the president has approved of same sex marriage, Min. Farrakhan noted.
The Minister clearly stated his aim was to call people to sanity and right conduct, not condemn homosexuality and sanction other sins. Jesus said if you offend one law, you offend all the laws, said Min. Farrakhan.
Religious leaders have to be strong enough to stand on God’s word, not what society approves of, he said.
“It’s rebellion to God’s will that makes you an evil person,” said Min. Farrakhan. “The more you rebel against the commands of God you become, we become, the embodiment of evil.”  The Final Call...

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