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Truth is in favor of you and me; for the truth of our enemies whom we have been serving here in the U.S.A. for over 400 years (whom we did not know to be our enemies by nature) is the truth that the Black Man must have knowledge of to be able to keep from falling into the deceiving traps that are being laid by our enemies to catch us in their way which is opposed to the way of righteous of whom we are members. ~ The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

America?s Land Being Divinely Curtailed

Holy Qur’an, Ch. 13:41, “See they not that We are visiting the land, curtailing it of its sides? And Allah pronounces a doom—there is no repeller of His decree. And He is swift in calling to account.”

Now you see what is going on. As America has done, so now it is being done unto her. America has surrounded the countries of other peoples. She has blown their cities to pieces and she has killed their inhabitants. Those who were left alive she put to flight, running for shelter from the destruction by America’s might.

It is very sad and horrible to look at the things that America had done, which are now coming on this country. For many years—centuries of years, America has lived a luxurious, wicked life, while hating her Black slaves and depriving them of justice—shooting them down on the streets, on the highways and in the woods and fields, for nothing. She did it just because she felt that she had the advantage; and she wanted to kill Black people, as she was made to do.

Bible Ps. 10:8, “He sitteth in the lurking places of the villages: in the secret places doth he murder the innocent: his eyes are set against the poor.”

Up until this very minute, she is seeking to destroy the Black man in America and to deprive him of the freedom to do for self. America never desires a departure of the Black slave from his white slave-master. America wishes only to hold the Black slave in order to continue to treat him with evil.

Pharaoh’s hatred and injustice to Israel, in Egypt, in the time of Moses, should serve America as a warning; but she has fallen head long into the throes of the destruction of Allah (God).

From: Final Call


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