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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Big Pimpin': How Music Artist are Prostituted by Corporations


Major Record Companies Manipulated Control of Black Music
He said, Im going to tell you something about this industry that will probably surprise you. He said, when I was working for the major company, they had me do a study on what it was that enabled black people to make the kind of music that they do. He said, the industry realized that black people influenced from 75 to 90 percent of all music made in America and the world. So that meant that these people, black people, have the influence which influenced almost all the music. The danger that was happening at that time was: you had Motown, you had Stax, you had Sussex. You had these black record companies at that time who had the majority of the black acts.

He told me that CBS, Warner Brothers, Atlantic, Polygram, all of them got together to do this study. They wanted to find out what it is that makes black music what it is. The idea is that, if we can find the ingredients, then maybe we can make the music without black people.

Mr. Barnes concludes: So he said their key then, If we cannot make black music without black people, then we must have a way of controlling the black music industry.

Some things are evident, there still is not one black-owned full service record company in America (production, manufacturing, distribution). This would take us from being consumers to owners/investors, the root of financial power, leading to political power. The deeper effect may not be just the control of black music, but control of the black intellect and black culture. Since major record companies captured control of black music, especially the huge explosion of black youth music (rap/hip hop) the proliferation of profanity and sexism against black women has enormously expanded. So-called conscious or meaningful black music seems to have faded in the background or garners very little radio airplay. - Zimbio

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What the public sees, hears and consumes is the end result of a process that is integral to the business model crafted by top corporate executives. The artist, the song, the presentation - all of it is a corporate product.


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